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Talented professionals are needed to gain the trust of our clients and to offer high quality solutions, products, and services. Behind OpenMart, there’s a team of people working every day with passion and motivation and relying on a worldwide network of collaborators and partners.

We sometimes work from home offices or other co-working spaces, sometimes outdoors or in a cafe. We enjoy working together and we do so remotely from different countries and different time zones: in Spain (Valencia, the Balearic Islands and the Basque Country), Peru (Lima) and England (Bristol).

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It is people, what they’ve done and continue to do, that has made OpenMart what it is today. We want to surround ourselves with engaged and proactive people and value capacity and motivation above experience. OpenMart consists of people from different cultures and professional backgrounds. With some of us residing thousands of miles away from each other, we’ve learned to adapt to each other’s culture, which allows us to maintain a balance between personal and professional life.

We all share similar passions, goals and expectations about the company. We’ve built an environment of integrity and honesty, with a high degree of commitment and respect for one another.

In flexibility and happiness at work.
In trust and responsibility to work from home.
In encouraging motivation through positive attitudes and creativity, rather than through pressure or fear.
In family/work balance
That it is better to do one thing well, that many bad.
In increasing savings and reducing unnecessary costs.
In productivity, efficiency and continuous improvement.
In business savings and eliminating unnecessary travel.
In collaboration and cooperation between professionals and companies.
When you think about what’s best for the client, the rest will come by itself.

We research, develop and innovate to offer products and services that allow us to enhance conciliation between work and personal life, seeking formulas that make us save and be happier at work, increasing creativity, collaboration and productivity of people.

OpenMart’s mission is to help and guide our clients in the process of transformation towards “Smart Working” models, offering technological solutions and methodologies that allow to work in an agile, productive and collaborative environment.

We want to promote conciliation between work and personal life, seeking formulas that allow us to be happier at work, increasing the creativity and productivity of people, and providing models to save money to businesses.


Trust, respect, and commitment to people
Customer focus
Honest and transparent communication
Passion and enthusiasm for what we do


Technology Solutions


Smart Working


Digital Productivity






Rafael Zamora


Rafael has 18 years of experience in the IT sector and more than 10 years of experience in teleworking. He is responsible for coordinating and directing daily operations, the development of products & services and OpenMart’s strategy.


Gustavo Alvarado


Gustavo has 14 years of experience in various organizations within both the private and public sector. He has worked both in Spain as well as Peru. He is a Systems Engineer, holds a Master’s Degree in Business Intelligence (BI), and is certified Scrum Master and PMP.


Damián Sastre


Damian has 10 years of experience in commercial field and business development, with a clear orientation to the client and always looking for total satisfaction.


Miguel Ángel Lozano


Miguel Ángel has 14 years of experience in the ICT sector, specializing in the areas of software development, management teams, and technology consulting projects.


Aigu Sainz


Aigu has 7 years of experience  in Smart Working and has worked with a variety of teams and companies specializing in marketing and web development.

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